Athlete registration is now open!

Registering student athletes:
Select "Team Roster” in navigation bar.

Click the Add A Team Member To Roster button to add student to the team roster.

PREVIOUS STUDENT ATHLETES: Student athletes that have previously participated on your team will be listed and defaulted to checked to add to the registration roster. You may uncheck those who you don’t want added to your roster including graduated seniors and those who will not be participating this spring. Click the Add Selected Members to Roster button to add the selected athletes.

NEW STUDENT ATHLETES: To add a new student to your roster, locate the add new member form at the bottom of the “Team Roster” page. Complete the form and click the Add New Member button to add that athlete to roster.

When a student is added to the roster, an email is automatically sent to the parent/legal guardian email address notifying them that they have been added to a roster. This email includes registration details and a link to the team registration website. Registrants will verify/edit the athlete profile information that populates TMS team roster profiles. Online registration is REQUIRED for all student athletes to be completed before the registration deadline. View the registration and payment status of team members by selecting “Team Roster”.

If the Parent/Legal Guardian does not receive the email, verify the email address in the member profile is correct. Select red RESEND link to resend email. If the family does not receive the second email, use a different email address by entering it in the RESEND option located in the “Team Roster” page.

Deadline is 3/15/18 at midnight CDT. All unpaid (if student athlete League registration fee payment is selected) and unregistered students will be removed from the team roster. League registration fee payment options cannot be changed after selected.

Additional TMS features coming soon!
As the season progresses, you’ll be able to submit scores, view team scoring reports, and register for year-end events.

Firearm safety certification requirements.
All student athletes must have a state-issued hunter education certificate or the League's SAFE certification to participate. Parents/Legal Guardians can submit safety certification documentation during registration. Firearm safety certification can also be updated through the Team Management System through the athlete profile located on the Team Roster page. Students cannot participate in any team-related shooting activities until documentation of completed firearm safety certification is included in TMS. Students that have not have the proper firearm safety certification documentation in TMS will be removed from the roster at the beginning of the season's Reserve Week.

TMS User Access:
Head Coaches are responsible for managing TMS login information in a secure and trusted manner. All TMS information is private and may not be shared with unauthorized users. Parents/Legal Guardians do not have access to student athlete profiles after registration. Changes to student athlete profiles must be done through TMS.


Before anyone may register to participate in clay target events and competitions (collectively “Events”) overseen by the (“League”), the following terms, conditions and consents must be agreed upon. Please read this form carefully, as it is a legal document and affects your rights. All boxes must be checked indicating the specific provision has been read and agreed to before anyone may participate in League Events. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement or any other policies or procedures or rules and regulations of the League, this Agreement shall govern.

As a member, athlete, coach, staff, volunteer and/or family member of an athlete (collectively hereafter “Team”) I hereby agree that, as a condition to participating in League Events, I agree, and the Team, agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. I declare that I have read and fully understand this Agreement. By submitting this registration form, I agree that all of the provisions of this Agreement are binding upon me and that I will be responsible to ensure the Team also follows the terms herein.


I agree that only registered students in good standing with their school (‘Athletes”) may participate on the team in Events overseen by the League. No Athlete will be considered registered until the student (and his/her parent or guardian if the student is under 18) has accurately completed and submitted a separate Athlete Participation Agreement with the League, which has been approved by the League.

I understand and agree that participation in League Events is a privilege not a right. I and the Team agree to abide by and support the League. I and the Team agree to ensure that all rules and procedures adopted and established by the League are strictly followed by the Team. I and the Team shall ensure that its representatives, coaches, volunteers, Athletes and family members of Athletes also abide by and support all the rules and procedures adopted and established by the League. The League at its discretion, has the right to suspend myself, Team or any Athlete from participation in Events or permanently remove myself, an Athlete or Team from the League, based upon conduct, behavior, or actions of the Team, whether done by myself, a member, coach, staff, volunteer, athlete, or family member of an athlete.

I and the Team further understand the need for consistent and uniform compliance with League Event rules and acknowledges the necessity for the League to establish rules and procedures for such Events. I and the Team further acknowledge and agree that we will abide by all rules, policies and procedures related to participation in League Events, as may be amended from time to time.

I hereby confirm that I have read all of the Team eligibility requirements identified in the League’s rules and procedures and represent that the Team satisfies these eligibility requirements. I further confirm that I and the Team will follow all League rules and policies in order to be eligible to participate in League Events. I understand that once I sign this eligibility statement on behalf of myself and the Team, all eligibility rules apply during the Team’s participation in the League.

I understand the League’s first and foremost priority is safety. I and the Team agree that we will enforce the League’s safety standards at all times. The coaches, staff, Athletes and their family members and volunteers of the Team will behave as positive role models, respect the goals of the League, and reinforce the character values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline. The Team and Athletes will refrain from interfering with other teams, shooters, or coaches. I understand that unsportsmanlike behavior by myself, an Athlete, Team, its coaches, or volunteers may result in myself, the Team or Athlete being suspended, disqualified or removed from the League, without notice or a hearing of any kind.

I and the Team know and understand that there are risks and dangers associated with the use of firearms, including serious bodily injury, death and property damage. I and the Team agree (i) to assume all risks, inherent or otherwise, that may occur due to, arise out of or be in connection with the Team and its Athlete’s participation in League Events, including without limitation the risk of serious bodily injury, death and property damage; and (ii) to assume all risks, inherent or otherwise, that may occur due to, arise out of or be in connection with the participation of others in the League, including without limitation other competitors; instructors/coaches; staff or volunteers of League, League Sponsors, or the Team’s school districts, any League sponsors, the State high school athletic association; and audience members or spectators.

Please be advised that it is not possible to list all of the activities and related risks that a Team may encounter by participating in the League. There may be risks that are not known to Team, or to other Athletes of the League, or the staff or volunteers, the Team’s school districts, League sponsors, or the State high school athletic association, and may not be foreseen or reasonably foreseeable by anyone at this time or at the time of the activities in which Athlete participates.

I and the Team further covenant and agree to hold the League and the Released Parties described below harmless from any liability and agree to release, waive, indemnify, and discharge the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school districts, and the State high school athletic association, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or volunteers (collectively, “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) that the Team may suffer, directly or indirectly, due to, or arising out of or in connection with Team’s participation or conduct (negligent or otherwise) in the League or the conduct (negligent or otherwise) of other teams, coaches, volunteers, or athletes in the League, including without limitation, the conduct (negligent or otherwise) of the Released Parties.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, I and the Team jointly and severally agree to defend, indemnify and hold the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school district, and the State high school athletic association, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or volunteers, harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) by third parties (including team’s coaches, volunteers and athletes) for any bodily injury, death or property damage or other incident occurring due to, arising out of or in connection with Team’s participation or conduct (negligent or otherwise) in the League Events.

I and the Team grant to the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school district, and the State high school athletic association permission to reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use in any reasonable manner Team’s name, photograph, likeness and statements in connection with the promotion of the League, in all media, including without limitation, the internet, news articles, advertisements or other electronic or print materials. I and the Team further covenant not to sue and agree to waive, release and discharge the League, League Sponsor, the Team’s school districts, and the State high school athletic association, and all of their respective directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, from and against any and all claims, demands, action, suites, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with the use of Team or its Athlete’s name, photograph, likeness and statements, including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, publicity, defamation and/or portrayal in a false light, copyright infringement and any claims and/or demands for compensation or royalties.

This Agreement between myself, the Team and the League, shall be governed by, and be construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any litigation commenced by the myself, the Team or the League concerning the activities of myself or the Team in the League, a dispute arising between a Team and the League regarding any matter, or related to the enforcement of this Agreement shall be venued in any court within Hennepin County, Minnesota, Fourth Judicial District (the “Selected Court”). In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall be held as void or unenforceable by the Selected Court, such holding shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder of this Agreement, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable and remain in full force and effect. The League shall be entitled to recover from myself and Team all its attorney’s fees and costs incurred due to any claim, dispute, or action, whether or not a court action is filed.

I and the Team agree that personally identifiable information of Athlete (Data) will only be viewed by the authorized manager of Team via the League Team Management System. Team will not provide access, copy, share or otherwise disseminate Data inconsistent with the Athlete’s right to privacy.

I acknowledge that the electronic signature confirms that I have read and reviewed the information contained in this entire Agreement. I also acknowledge that this electronic signature has the same legal effect, validity, and enforceability as an original signature on a non-electronic form.

High Gun


Place AthleteGenderClassTeam NameTotal ScoreReverse Run*
1 BECK, DAVID MJVHopkins High School9865
2 CULP, SEANMJVBloomington Jefferson High School9439
3 TATE, JESSEMJVSt. Peter High School93 
T4 PLESSEL, TIMOTHYMJVCoon Rapids High School9213
T4 MOE, JAKEMJVChamplin Park High School92 
T6 JAROSZEWSKI, ALEXMJVFergus Falls High School91 
T6 DAHL, BRENDANMJVZimmerman High School91 
T8 PETERSON, ZACMJVSibley East High School90 
T8 BROWN, BAUERMJVEast Grand Forks High School90 
T8 YOUNG, NOAHMJVKimball High School90 
T11 KENNEY, MICHAELMJVProvidence Academy89 
T11 BROWN, CONNORMJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault89 
T11 MILLER, BLAKEMJVAda-Borup West High School89 
T11 SIMONSON, LOGANMJVJordan High School89 
T11 MACKLIN, JARRODMJVCoon Rapids High School89 
T11 WING, WEBSTER MJVMinnetonka High School89 
T11 THOMPSON, NATHANMJVZimmerman High School89 
T18 RICKERT, COLEMJVAlden-Conger High School88 
T18 SAILOR, LOGANMJVAlden-Conger High School88 
T18 SORENSEN, LEVIMJVAlden-Conger High School88 
T18 JANSKY, MITCHELLMJVKimball High School88 
T22 THOMPSON, ISAACMJVAlden-Conger High School87 
T22 HAHN, AUSTINMJVSibley East High School87 
T22 REESE, ZACHARYMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School87 
T22 MACIEJ, TRAVISMJVStaples Motley High School87 
T22 EDGAR, TALONMJVKasson-Mantorville High School87 
T27 KESKITALO, CARTERMJVNew York Mills High School86 
T27 KIPHUTH, MICHAELMJVKimball High School86 
T27 ZIPOY, TEDMJVKimball High School86 
T27 SCHRUPP, CONNOR MJVSibley East High School86 
T27 MILLER, MICHAELMJVEast Grand Forks High School86 
T27 PULKRABEK, JACOBMJVZimmerman High School86 
T27 PANKRATZ, COLEMJVSt. Peter High School86 
T34 JOHNSON, KOLBYMJVAlden-Conger High School85 
T34 PRANGE, CALOBMJVAlden-Conger High School85 
T34 RIEDEL, DANMJVNew York Mills High School85 
T34 THOMPSON, TAYLORMJVNew York Mills High School85 
T34 RAPP, CODYMJVCannon Falls High School85 
T34 BUCHER, NICKMJVHeritage Christian Academy85 
T34 NELSON, GRAHAMMJVChamplin Park High School85 
T41 ATTIG, AUSTINMJVAlden-Conger High School84 
T41 LEADERBRAND, JUSTINMJVNew York Mills High School84 
T41 CAMERON, MARKMJVCambridge-Isanti High School84 
T41 DARDIS, BENJAMINMJVJordan High School84 
T41 BERGSTROM, MITCHELLMJVAnnandale High School84 
T41 ANDERSON, LOGANMJVCentury High School84 
T47 FLYNN, JOHNMJVNew York Mills High School83 
T47 HENDRICKX, DANMJVNew York Mills High School83 
T47 BATHAM, JOHANNMJVCannon Falls High School83 
T47 JOHNSON, GARRETTMJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault83 
T47 CORBITT, COLEMJVBelle Plaine High School83 
T47 ZIEGLER, BRADMJVSibley East High School83 
T47 VIGER, RYANMJVFergus Falls High School83 
T47 DOUGLAS, NICKMJVCleveland High School83 
T47 ROBB, TRAVISMJVCleveland High School83 
T47 POWERS, TREVORMJVSt. Peter High School83 
T47 MERTENS, JOSHMJVStaples Motley High School83 
T59 CUMMINGS, ALEXMJVAlden-Conger High School82 
T59 SAILOR, GAGEMJVAlden-Conger High School82 
T59 MYERS, ETHANMJVHopkins High School82 
T59 KESKITALO, BLAKEMJVNew York Mills High School82 
T59 SCHLICKENMAYER, BAILEYMJVCambridge-Isanti High School82 
T59 OLSON, JACOBMJVJordan High School82 
T59 RUZICKA, DYLANMJVLester Prairie High School82 
T59 ZIERMANN, JORDANMJVLester Prairie High School82 
T59 DOSTAL, ANDREWMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School82 
T59 ZIMMERMAN, JACOBMJVCleveland High School82 
T59 VROLSON, PARKERMJVAnnandale High School82 
T59 CARLSON, DREWMJVChamplin Park High School82 
T59 LONEMAN, DALLASMJVZimmerman High School82 
T59 THOMPSON, BRENDENMJVStaples Motley High School82 
T74 MAHNKE, CONNORMJVCoon Rapids High School81 
T74 ABEL, CHARLIEMJVHopkins High School81 
T74 BARCZAK, SAMMJVHopkins High School81 
T74 LEAR, KEVINMJVCambridge-Isanti High School81 
T74 DIENST, BOMJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault81 
T74 ALEXANDER, KENNY MJVJordan High School81 
T74 DISCHINGER, JOSHUAMJVCoon Rapids High School81 
T74 ERLANDSON, EVANMJVFergus Falls High School81 
T74 HARNESS, BENMJVEdina High School81 
T74 GUST, COLTENMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School81 
T74 BURT, TRAVISMJVCleveland High School81 
T74 EGELAND, JAMESMJVEast Grand Forks High School81 
T87 STEELE, GAVINMJVAlden-Conger High School80 
T87 ROBERTS, RYANMJVNew York Mills High School80 
T87 TROST, DANMJVCannon Falls High School80 
T87 AHLBRECHT, MICHAELMJVLester Prairie High School80 
T87 CORNELIUSEN, DEVIN MJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School80 
T87 MARTIN, CODYMJVCleveland High School80 
T87 SYVERSON, DAKOTAHMJVRockford High School80 
T87 JAPKE, WARRENMJVStaples Motley High School80 
T87 PUGSLEY, JOEMJVStaples Motley High School80 
T87 STRICKLAND, SCOUTMJVStaples Motley High School80 
T87 THEW, ARTHURMJVStaples Motley High School80 
T102 SORENSEN, ISAACMJVAlden-Conger High School79 
T102 MILLIGAN, ZACHARYMJVNew York Mills High School79 
T102 SAEWERT, JETTMJVNew York Mills High School79 
T102 KLONTZ, TRISTANMJVCambridge-Isanti High School79 
T102 SCHLICHTING, GRANTMJVCannon Falls High School79 
T102 KNUTSON, RYANMJVAda-Borup West High School79 
T102 SCHMITT, TYLERMJVJordan High School79 
T102 MESSNER, RILEYMJVSibley East High School79 
T102 BAKER, JOSHMJVCleveland High School79 
T102 DONOVAN, BAILEYMJVChamplin Park High School79 
T102 MARKUSON, JUSTINMJVChamplin Park High School79 
T102 SCHULTE, PETERMJVRockford High School79 
T102 ROTZ, DYLAN MJVZimmerman High School79 
T102 RUEL, NATHANMJVZimmerman High School79 
T102 ADAMIETZ, JACKMJVStaples Motley High School79 
T102 NELSEN, ANCHERMJVStaples Motley High School79 
T102 SMITH, IANMJVProvidence Academy79 
T119 MITHUN, TYLERMJVAlden-Conger High School78 
T119 HALGRIMSON, COLTONMJVCambridge-Isanti High School78 
T119 KOSTKA, DANMJVCambridge-Isanti High School78 
T119 KLAVON, GARETTMJVCannon Falls High School78 
T119 PEGLOW, PARKERMJVKimball High School78 
T119 HYATT, BRANDONMJVCoon Rapids High School78 
T119 VELANI, BENJAMINMJVEdina High School78 
T119 O'DOWD, JESSEMJVAnnandale High School78 
T119 WADMAN, JAKEMJVAnnandale High School78 
T119 ROSE, ANTHONYMJVEast Grand Forks High School78 
T119 MCGANNON, MITCHMJVMinnetonka High School78 
T119 KISSNER, DREWMJVRockford High School78 
T119 RADKE, NATHANMJVDuluth East High School78 
T119 STARKS, GUNNARMJVByron High School78 
T133 VISSER, SAMMJVAda-Borup West High School77 
T133 DONNAY, JOSEPHMJVKimball High School77 
T133 KOPPELMAN, EVANMJVCleveland High School77 
T133 LEETCH, JOSHMJVBloomington Jefferson High School77 
T133 VON BUSCH, KOLEMJVChamplin Park High School77 
T133 MCFARLAND, ALEXANDERMJVMinnetonka High School77 
T133 BUBACZ, SPENCERMJVDuluth East High School77 
T133 STRICKLAND, ZACHMJVStaples Motley High School77 
T133 SEITER, NICKMJVProvidence Academy77 
T133 ABEL, TANNERMJVKasson-Mantorville High School77 
T143 KLITZKE, BRENDANMJVCannon Falls High School76 
T143 JANDRO, BEN MJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault76 
T143 PEITZ, JONAHMJVRockford High School76 
T143 PAULY, NATHANMJVSt. Peter High School76 
T143 BARTCZAK, BENMJVStaples Motley High School76 
T143 MCINTEE, CONNORMJVProvidence Academy76 
T150 HELLAND, JACOBMJVAlden-Conger High School75 
T150 TEBBEN, ALECMJVHeritage Christian Academy75 
T150 HORN, STEFENMJVAda-Borup West High School75 
T150 MERKENS, BRYERMJVAda-Borup West High School75 
T150 BLEGEN, SAMMJVJordan High School75 
T150 DEVRIES, NATEMJVSibley East High School75 
T150 DANIELSON, ZACKMJVAnnandale High School75 
T150 SAND, AARONMJVAnnandale High School75 
T150 HENSTORF, CARSONMJVDuluth East High School75 
T150 CAPTAIN, MATTMJVCentury High School75 
T150 ERHOLTZ, BECKMJVStaples Motley High School75 
T150 MOREY, MICHAELMJVMounds View High School75 
T164 SONGSTAD, JACOBMJVAlden-Conger High School74 
T164 SHAFFER, SAWYERMJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault74 
T164 MUDD, JORDONMJVHeritage Christian Academy74 
T164 JENSEN, MATTHEWMJVEdina High School74 
T164 LINDGREN, BRENDANMJVChamplin Park High School74 
T164 NORBY, HARRISONMJVMinnetonka High School74 
T164 TIEGEN, GUNNARMJVByron High School74 
T164 MURPHY, COLTONMJVProvidence Academy74 
T172 ZIMMERMAN, KALEBMJVCannon Falls High School73 
T172 DAVIS, HUNTERMJVKimball High School73 
T172 BONDHUS, MITCHELLMJVLester Prairie High School73 
T172 MCCABE, MITCHELLMJVCleveland High School73 
T172 NELSON, NICKMJVBloomington Jefferson High School73 
T172 NOMA, NATHANMJVBloomington Jefferson High School73 
T172 KELLER, MITCHELLMJVChamplin Park High School73 
T172 HOEKSEMA, TIMOTHYMJVDuluth East High School73 
T172 WENDROTH, HUNTERMJVSt. Peter High School73 
T181 WADE, MICHAELMJVCambridge-Isanti High School72 
T181 HAMILTON, TRENTONMJVKimball High School72 
T181 KRAMER, ZACHMJVCoon Rapids High School72 
T181 BROWN, BRENDONMJVCleveland High School72 
T181 CULBERTSON, JOEMJVZimmerman High School72 
T181 MILLER, ZACHARYMJVSt. Peter High School72 
T181 WINKELS, TYLERMJVStaples Motley High School72 
T188 JACKSON, DYLANMJVHopkins High School71 
T188 MOCHINSKI, JOSEPHMJVLester Prairie High School71 
T188 LARSON, AUSTINMJVCoon Rapids High School71 
T188 ZIMMERMAN, LEVIMJVCleveland High School71 
T188 MCGAUGHEY, ETHANMJVEast Grand Forks High School71 
T188 MAGER, GERALDMJVZimmerman High School71 
T195 MANN, ELLIOTMJVNew York Mills High School70 
T195 JOHNSON, DYLANMJVBethlehem Academy of Faribault70 
T195 LOCHEN, MIKEMJVKimball High School70 
T195 BUEGE, CHRISTOPHERMJVBelle Plaine High School70 
T195 KLASSEN, BRETTMJVCleveland High School70 
T195 PETTIS, MITCHMJVSt. Peter High School70 
T195 ADAMSON, DAVIDMJVByron High School70 
T203 HOLTTI, DYLONMJVNew York Mills High School69 
T203 JACOBSON, TUCKERMJVCannon Falls High School69 
T203 KNAGGS, DILLONMJVHeritage Christian Academy69 
T203 SANDEY, NOLANMJVJordan High School69 
T203 AAGAARD, LOGANMJVLester Prairie High School69 
T203 LUHMAN, JACKMJVLester Prairie High School69 
T203 WROBBEL, ALEXMJVAnnandale High School69 
T203 ERICKSON, JAKEMJVMinnetonka High School69 
T203 HILLIGOSS, PETERMJVSt. Peter High School69 
T212 PETERS, CHARLIEMJVCannon Falls High School68 
T212 DONNAY, JOSHMJVKimball High School68 
T212 SANDERS, AUSTINMJVAnnandale High School68 
T212 BELANGER, COLEMJVRockford High School68 
T212 RONINGEN, BENMJVDuluth East High School68 
T218 YAGGY, JUSTINMJVCambridge-Isanti High School67 
T218 SOLSENG, DRAKEMJVAda-Borup West High School67 
T218 KANNE, HAYDENMJVCentury High School67 
T222 LABS, BRIARMJVNew York Mills High School66 
T222 BUNES, AUSTINMJVCambridge-Isanti High School66 
T222 ENGLUND, TIMMJVCambridge-Isanti High School66 
T222 SANDQUIST, DANMJVCambridge-Isanti High School66 
T222 REISDORFER, DERICKMJVCannon Falls High School66 
T222 SANDEY, CALVINMJVJordan High School66 
T222 LATZKE, ZACHMJVSibley East High School66 
T222 TYDLACKA, CALEBMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School66 
T222 AYERS, BEAUMJVRockford High School66 
T222 ALBERTS, GARRETTMJVCentury High School66 
T222 BROWN, MATTHEWMJVCentury High School66 
T222 VAUGHT, DILLONMJVKasson-Mantorville High School66 
T234 BAYERL, PARKERMJVLester Prairie High School65 
T234 FORD, BENJAMINMJVCoon Rapids High School65 
T234 ENGE, BENNETTMJVRockford High School65 
T234 FELDICK, WYATTMJVZimmerman High School65 
T234 DEBLIECK, BENNETTMJVSt. Peter High School65 
T240 GALLOWAY, CONNORMJVHeritage Christian Academy64 
T240 NORELIUS, ALECMJVEdina High School64 
T240 MEALEY, AUSTINMJVAnnandale High School64 
T240 HILL, THOMASMJVRockford High School64 
T240 BOYER, BRADMJVSt. Peter High School64 
T245 LEADERBRAND, NATHANMJVNew York Mills High School63 
T245 CONROY, MASONMJVCleveland High School63 
T245 MILLER, BENMJVCleveland High School63 
T245 RAAB, ALEXMJVMinnetonka High School63 
T245 CARLSON, DYLANMJVZimmerman High School63 
T245 NEUBAUER, JADENMJVSt. Peter High School63 
T251 THOMPSON, HUNTERMJVNew York Mills High School62 
T251 GROFF, LOGANMJVLester Prairie High School62 
T251 BLASING, AUGUSTMJVMinnetonka High School62 
T251 WILLITS, MATTMJVByron High School62 
T256 MAKELA, BLAKEMJVSt. Peter High School61 
T258 SHELSTAD, HUNTERMJVPine Island High School60 
T258 SCHULTE, CHRISMJVHeritage Christian Academy60 
T258 DOSTAL, ISAACMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School60 
T258 MOCK, TANNERMJVChamplin Park High School60 
T258 DELENE, ERICMJVEast Grand Forks High School60 
T258 DEEGAN, COLEMJVSt. Peter High School60 
T258 GRAN, LANDONMJVSt. Peter High School60 
T265 NELSON, TREVORMJVNew York Mills High School59 
T265 BEISE, SPENCERMJVRockford High School59 
T265 JEFFERIS, PATRICKMJVMounds View High School59 
268 DAUPHINEE, ROWANMJVByron High School58 
T269 SHOCKMAN, SAMMJVCentury High School57 
T269 WINKELS, EMMITTMJVStaples Motley High School57 
T271 ROBERTS, COREYMJVNew York Mills High School56 
T271 WENKER, GAVINMJVCleveland High School56 
T271 DANIELSON, NICKMJVAnnandale High School56 
T274 KESSELBERG, KALVINMJVAda-Borup West High School55 
T274 BRENKE, MATTHEWMJVCleveland High School55 
T274 KNUTSON, HAYDENMJVEast Grand Forks High School55 
T274 HENDRICKSON, SAMMJVDuluth East High School55 
T274 LARSON, EDMJVCentury High School55 
T280 JUNGERS, CODYMJVCambridge-Isanti High School54 
T280 SMITH, BRACKENMJVCannon Falls High School54 
283 SCHLICHTING, RYANMJVCannon Falls High School48 
284 CRIST, NICKMJVStaples Motley High School45 
285 DREIER, CHARLESMJVAnnandale High School44 
286 TAGGART, JAKEMJVBadger-Greenbush-Middle River High School39 
287 HANSON, GARRETTMJVCentury High School38 
288 BISILA, MICHAELMJVCambridge-Isanti High School37 
289 MODELL, JAKEMJVMinnetonka High School33 
290 WOLFE, MAXMJVEdina High School32 

* Indicates longest run of hits in reverse order. Used as a tie-breaker if necessary. Not all reverse runs are recorded.
 Indicates teams/individuals receiving awards in this category.

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