Athlete registration is now open!

Registering student athletes:
Select "Team Roster” in navigation bar.

Click the Add A Team Member To Roster button to add student to the team roster.

PREVIOUS STUDENT ATHLETES: Student athletes that have previously participated on your team will be listed and defaulted to checked to add to the registration roster. You may uncheck those who you don’t want added to your roster including graduated seniors and those who will not be participating this spring. Click the Add Selected Members to Roster button to add the selected athletes.

NEW STUDENT ATHLETES: To add a new student to your roster, locate the add new member form at the bottom of the “Team Roster” page. Complete the form and click the Add New Member button to add that athlete to roster.

When a student is added to the roster, an email is automatically sent to the parent/legal guardian email address notifying them that they have been added to a roster. This email includes registration details and a link to the team registration website. Registrants will verify/edit the athlete profile information that populates TMS team roster profiles. Online registration is REQUIRED for all student athletes to be completed before the registration deadline. View the registration and payment status of team members by selecting “Team Roster”.

If the Parent/Legal Guardian does not receive the email, verify the email address in the member profile is correct. Select red RESEND link to resend email. If the family does not receive the second email, use a different email address by entering it in the RESEND option located in the “Team Roster” page.

Deadline is 3/15/18 at midnight CDT. All unpaid (if student athlete League registration fee payment is selected) and unregistered students will be removed from the team roster. League registration fee payment options cannot be changed after selected.

Additional TMS features coming soon!
As the season progresses, you’ll be able to submit scores, view team scoring reports, and register for year-end events.

Firearm safety certification requirements.
All student athletes must have a state-issued hunter education certificate or the League's SAFE certification to participate. Parents/Legal Guardians can submit safety certification documentation during registration. Firearm safety certification can also be updated through the Team Management System through the athlete profile located on the Team Roster page. Students cannot participate in any team-related shooting activities until documentation of completed firearm safety certification is included in TMS. Students that have not have the proper firearm safety certification documentation in TMS will be removed from the roster at the beginning of the season's Reserve Week.

TMS User Access:
Head Coaches are responsible for managing TMS login information in a secure and trusted manner. All TMS information is private and may not be shared with unauthorized users. Parents/Legal Guardians do not have access to student athlete profiles after registration. Changes to student athlete profiles must be done through TMS.


Before anyone may register to participate in clay target events and competitions (collectively “Events”) overseen by the (“League”), the following terms, conditions and consents must be agreed upon. Please read this form carefully, as it is a legal document and affects your rights. All boxes must be checked indicating the specific provision has been read and agreed to before anyone may participate in League Events. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement or any other policies or procedures or rules and regulations of the League, this Agreement shall govern.

As a member, athlete, coach, staff, volunteer and/or family member of an athlete (collectively hereafter “Team”) I hereby agree that, as a condition to participating in League Events, I agree, and the Team, agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. I declare that I have read and fully understand this Agreement. By submitting this registration form, I agree that all of the provisions of this Agreement are binding upon me and that I will be responsible to ensure the Team also follows the terms herein.


I agree that only registered students in good standing with their school (‘Athletes”) may participate on the team in Events overseen by the League. No Athlete will be considered registered until the student (and his/her parent or guardian if the student is under 18) has accurately completed and submitted a separate Athlete Participation Agreement with the League, which has been approved by the League.

I understand and agree that participation in League Events is a privilege not a right. I and the Team agree to abide by and support the League. I and the Team agree to ensure that all rules and procedures adopted and established by the League are strictly followed by the Team. I and the Team shall ensure that its representatives, coaches, volunteers, Athletes and family members of Athletes also abide by and support all the rules and procedures adopted and established by the League. The League at its discretion, has the right to suspend myself, Team or any Athlete from participation in Events or permanently remove myself, an Athlete or Team from the League, based upon conduct, behavior, or actions of the Team, whether done by myself, a member, coach, staff, volunteer, athlete, or family member of an athlete.

I and the Team further understand the need for consistent and uniform compliance with League Event rules and acknowledges the necessity for the League to establish rules and procedures for such Events. I and the Team further acknowledge and agree that we will abide by all rules, policies and procedures related to participation in League Events, as may be amended from time to time.

I hereby confirm that I have read all of the Team eligibility requirements identified in the League’s rules and procedures and represent that the Team satisfies these eligibility requirements. I further confirm that I and the Team will follow all League rules and policies in order to be eligible to participate in League Events. I understand that once I sign this eligibility statement on behalf of myself and the Team, all eligibility rules apply during the Team’s participation in the League.

I understand the League’s first and foremost priority is safety. I and the Team agree that we will enforce the League’s safety standards at all times. The coaches, staff, Athletes and their family members and volunteers of the Team will behave as positive role models, respect the goals of the League, and reinforce the character values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-discipline. The Team and Athletes will refrain from interfering with other teams, shooters, or coaches. I understand that unsportsmanlike behavior by myself, an Athlete, Team, its coaches, or volunteers may result in myself, the Team or Athlete being suspended, disqualified or removed from the League, without notice or a hearing of any kind.

I and the Team know and understand that there are risks and dangers associated with the use of firearms, including serious bodily injury, death and property damage. I and the Team agree (i) to assume all risks, inherent or otherwise, that may occur due to, arise out of or be in connection with the Team and its Athlete’s participation in League Events, including without limitation the risk of serious bodily injury, death and property damage; and (ii) to assume all risks, inherent or otherwise, that may occur due to, arise out of or be in connection with the participation of others in the League, including without limitation other competitors; instructors/coaches; staff or volunteers of League, League Sponsors, or the Team’s school districts, any League sponsors, the State high school athletic association; and audience members or spectators.

Please be advised that it is not possible to list all of the activities and related risks that a Team may encounter by participating in the League. There may be risks that are not known to Team, or to other Athletes of the League, or the staff or volunteers, the Team’s school districts, League sponsors, or the State high school athletic association, and may not be foreseen or reasonably foreseeable by anyone at this time or at the time of the activities in which Athlete participates.

I and the Team further covenant and agree to hold the League and the Released Parties described below harmless from any liability and agree to release, waive, indemnify, and discharge the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school districts, and the State high school athletic association, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or volunteers (collectively, “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) that the Team may suffer, directly or indirectly, due to, or arising out of or in connection with Team’s participation or conduct (negligent or otherwise) in the League or the conduct (negligent or otherwise) of other teams, coaches, volunteers, or athletes in the League, including without limitation, the conduct (negligent or otherwise) of the Released Parties.

To the fullest extent allowed by law, I and the Team jointly and severally agree to defend, indemnify and hold the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school district, and the State high school athletic association, and each of their respective directors, officers, employees, agents or volunteers, harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) by third parties (including team’s coaches, volunteers and athletes) for any bodily injury, death or property damage or other incident occurring due to, arising out of or in connection with Team’s participation or conduct (negligent or otherwise) in the League Events.

I and the Team grant to the League, League Sponsors, the Team’s school district, and the State high school athletic association permission to reproduce, publish, distribute, or otherwise use in any reasonable manner Team’s name, photograph, likeness and statements in connection with the promotion of the League, in all media, including without limitation, the internet, news articles, advertisements or other electronic or print materials. I and the Team further covenant not to sue and agree to waive, release and discharge the League, League Sponsor, the Team’s school districts, and the State high school athletic association, and all of their respective directors, officers, agents, employees and volunteers, from and against any and all claims, demands, action, suites, proceedings, liabilities, damages, losses, judgments and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs) arising out of or in connection with the use of Team or its Athlete’s name, photograph, likeness and statements, including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, publicity, defamation and/or portrayal in a false light, copyright infringement and any claims and/or demands for compensation or royalties.

This Agreement between myself, the Team and the League, shall be governed by, and be construed in accordance with, the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any litigation commenced by the myself, the Team or the League concerning the activities of myself or the Team in the League, a dispute arising between a Team and the League regarding any matter, or related to the enforcement of this Agreement shall be venued in any court within Hennepin County, Minnesota, Fourth Judicial District (the “Selected Court”). In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall be held as void or unenforceable by the Selected Court, such holding shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder of this Agreement, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable and remain in full force and effect. The League shall be entitled to recover from myself and Team all its attorney’s fees and costs incurred due to any claim, dispute, or action, whether or not a court action is filed.

I and the Team agree that personally identifiable information of Athlete (Data) will only be viewed by the authorized manager of Team via the League Team Management System. Team will not provide access, copy, share or otherwise disseminate Data inconsistent with the Athlete’s right to privacy.

I acknowledge that the electronic signature confirms that I have read and reviewed the information contained in this entire Agreement. I also acknowledge that this electronic signature has the same legal effect, validity, and enforceability as an original signature on a non-electronic form.

High Gun


Place AthleteGenderClassTeam NameTotal ScoreReverse Run*
1 KABANUK, KYLEMJVLittle Falls High School954
2 LUDWIG, NICKMJVWabasso High School9332
3 BEEKSMA, LUCASMJVChisago Lakes High School9315
4 BIERMAIER, JACOBMJVLittle Falls High School93 
5 OWENS, JACOBMJVCrookston High School92 
6 BECK, KYLEMJVLakeview High School91 
T7 SMUDE, RICKYMJVPierz Healy High School90 
T7 HAZARD, NOAHMJVSouth St. Paul High School90 
T7 STOVER, JACOBMJVProctor High School90 
T13 HALLER, DYLANMJVCrookston High School89 
T13 JANSON, MATTMJVPierz Healy High School89 
T13 ROLOFF, JAMESMJVSouth St. Paul High School89 
T13 WAMSTAD, JESSEMJVMontevideo High School89 
T13 FULGHUM, AIDENMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School89 
T13 STEVERMER, JACOBMJVUnited South Central High School89 
T13 OTTERBEIN, ETHAN MJVTriton High School89 
T20 GEIHL, TOMMJVLakeview High School88 
T20 BALDUS, JOHNMJVGrand Meadow High School88 
T20 HANOWSKI, MICHAELMJVLittle Falls High School88 
T20 RETKA, REMINGTONMJVLittle Falls High School88 
T20 SCHULTZ, ANDYMJVUnited South Central High School88 
T26 METZGER, NOAHMJVCrookston High School87 
T26 CANNON, DYLANMJVWabasso High School87 
T26 KELLY, LOGANMJVChisago Lakes High School87 
T26 BOT, REIDMJVLakeview High School87 
T26 KUEHL, REMINGTONMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School87 
T26 GILLESPIE, JAKEMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School87 
T26 TAYLOR, MARSHALLMJVWorthington High School87 
T26 CONNER, BRADLEYMJVIsle-Onamia High School87 
T35 ZOLLNER, SHAWNMJVWabasso High School86 
T35 MOE, JUSTINMJVLittle Falls High School86 
T35 JARL , ALEX MJVDassel-Cokato High School86 
T35 CARDINAL, NATEMJVChisago Lakes High School86 
T35 GAULKE, COLTANMJVPierz Healy High School86 
T35 TIMM, CARTERMJVLakeview High School86 
T35 STREICH, ETHANMJVOrtonville High School86 
T43 CALLENS, MICHAELMJVCanby High School85 
T43 TURBES, ANDREW MJVWabasso High School85 
T43 SPERL, AUSTINMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School85 
T43 DOUGHERTY, ADAM MJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels85 
T43 PODAS, MATTMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels85 
T43 GETTEL, TERRONMJVDetroit Lakes High School85 
T43 ERDMANN, AUSTINMJVLittle Falls High School85 
T43 LEMIEUR, ELIMJVLittle Falls High School85 
T43 GROEN, MICAHMJVCentral Minnesota Christian School85 
T43 JOHNSON, SETHMJVLakeview High School85 
T43 NESS, RILEYMJVLakeview High School85 
T43 KASTE, THOMASMJVUnderwood High School85 
T43 STEVENSON, CONNORMJVSouthwest Christian High School85 
T43 RIVARD, TANNERMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School85 
T43 SCHREINDL, TANNERMJVSauk Rapids-Rice High School85 
T58 JUNTUNEN, AARON MJVDassel-Cokato High School84 
T58 EILERS, WYATTMJVCanby High School84 
T58 HEILING, DEVONMJVWabasso High School84 
T58 ANDERSON, HAAKENMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School84 
T58 SONSTEGARD, CARSONMJVDetroit Lakes High School84 
T58 WERNIMONT, DALTENMJVLakeview High School84 
T58 BAULEKE, BENMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School84 
T58 KERN, GREGMJVWorthington High School84 
T58 COLMAN, ISAIAHMJVSouthwest Christian High School84 
T58 ARNDORFER, ANDREWMJVGrand Meadow High School84 
T68 LUCKOW, WYATTMJVCrookston High School83 
T68 VELSKE, ERICHMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School83 
T68 YUHALA, ARMASMJVBecker High School83 
T68 SKIBA, DAVIDMJVPierz Healy High School83 
T68 VANDER BEEK, LUKEMJVCentral Minnesota Christian School83 
T68 HOVDE, BRYCEMJVSouthwest Christian High School83 
T68 HARAPAT, EDDIEMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School83 
T68 KASSEL, JUSTINMJVGrand Meadow High School83 
T68 SHORTER, JOSHMJVGrand Meadow High School83 
T68 TAYLOR, JACKMJVIsle-Onamia High School83 
T68 HEBERT, WILLIAMMJVMaple Grove Senior High83 
T79 ANDERSON, TRENT MJVWabasso High School82 
T79 MOELLER, BRADYMJVNorth Branch High School82 
T79 ALLEN, LUKEMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels82 
T79 WARREN, DAMONMJVIrondale High School82 
T79 FINK, ROBERTMJVBuffalo High School82 
T79 HOSKINS, RILEYMJVPierz Healy High School82 
T79 RADKE, TRAVISMJVLakeview High School82 
T79 CHRISTIANS, LUCASMJVMontevideo High School82 
T79 MORIN, GRANTMJVProctor High School82 
T79 MERILA, JOHNMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School82 
T79 PALMER, TYLERMJVMound Westonka High School82 
T79 NEWELL, LOGANMJVMaple Grove Senior High82 
T91 ANHALT, PARKERMJVCanby High School81 
T91 NIEMELA, CAMERONMJVCrookston High School81 
T91 JAROSZEWSKI, ADAMMJVDetroit Lakes High School81 
T91 SCHROEDER, JOHNMJVIrondale High School81 
T91 CRON, ANTHONYMJVDassel-Cokato High School81 
T91 BECKER, CAVINMJVPierz Healy High School81 
T91 BURTH, TYLERMJVSouth St. Paul High School81 
T91 ERICKSON, CHRISTOPHERMJVMontevideo High School81 
T91 RAMOS, DAKOTAMJVMontevideo High School81 
T91 JOPP, ADLERMJVMayer Lutheran High School81 
T91 GRAYSON, REIDMJVMedford High School81 
T91 HALLIWILL, TREVORMJVHoly Family Catholic High School81 
T91 WELCH, HUNTERMJVTriton High School81 
T91 HANSEN, TOM MJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School81 
T91 HEDTKE, CUTLERMJVMaple Grove Senior High81 
T107 MESKAN, JACOBMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School80 
T107 VENHUIZEN, AUSTINMJVNorth Branch High School80 
T107 SIEBEN, ZACKARYMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels80 
T107 CAHILL, COLINMJVChisago Lakes High School80 
T107 CLOW, GABEMJVBrainerd High School80 
T107 BUELTEL, BRANDONMJVHoly Family Catholic High School80 
T107 HEATH, JON MJVHoly Family Catholic High School80 
T107 ENGELKES, GAVINMJVWorthington High School80 
T107 MOENNING, SAMMJVTriton High School80 
T107 HANRATTY, RYANMJVMound Westonka High School80 
T107 ORTLOFF, ANDREWMJVSauk Rapids-Rice High School80 
T107 REIPLINGER, LUKEMJVBlackduck High School80 
T107 BUNNELL, JACKMJVMaple Grove Senior High80 
T120 VANCAMPENHOUT, ALEXANDERMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels79 
T120 HARRIS, JACKMJVIrondale High School79 
T120 SINN, JACOBMJVIrondale High School79 
T120 NOUIS, KYLEMJVLittle Falls High School79 
T120 JACOBSON HANSON, WYATTMJVBuffalo High School79 
T120 PAPPENFUS, IANMJVBuffalo High School79 
T120 BLEESS, ELIMJVUnderwood High School79 
T120 THORMODSON, ADAMMJVUnderwood High School79 
T120 HOLM, AUSTINMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School79 
T120 MILLER, NICMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School79 
T120 MCCONNELL, JUSTINMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School79 
T120 VOIGT, RECEMJVGrand Meadow High School79 
T120 DORN, MICHAELMJVMaple Grove Senior High79 
T134 SCHLUETER, DANIELMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School78 
T134 VIZECKY, ZACHMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels78 
T134 MCLERNON, DAVIDMJVIrondale High School78 
T134 KLEINSCHMIDT, HUNTERMJVLittle Falls High School78 
T134 CATES, CODYMJVDassel-Cokato High School78 
T134 LUND, NATHANMJVLakeview High School78 
T134 KLIMA, CARTERMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School78 
T134 WILABY, TYLERMJVMayer Lutheran High School78 
T134 ZENK, MICHAELMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School78 
T134 KEMPEMA, BRANDONMJVWorthington High School78 
T134 KRUMMEN, ANDREWMJVSouthwest Christian High School78 
T134 NEWMAN, RYAN MJVTriton High School78 
T134 DENNY, BRIANMJVBlackduck High School78 
T134 SANOCKI, NATHAN MJVMaple Grove Senior High78 
T148 BACH, DYLANMJVCanby High School77 
T148 RETZ, JACOBMJVDetroit Lakes High School77 
T148 AXBERG, ANTHONYMJVIrondale High School77 
T148 LAROUE, JACOBMJVChisago Lakes High School77 
T148 PEDERSON, TYLER MJVSouth St. Paul High School77 
T148 BONES, JOHNNYMJVMayer Lutheran High School77 
T148 HAUSAM, JAKEMJVSouthwest Christian High School77 
T148 SMITH, DANIELMJVSouthwest Christian High School77 
T148 MERTEN, FORRESTMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School77 
T157 GOODRICH, BRIGHTONMJVLittle Falls High School76 
T157 SCHUETT, LOGANMJVLittle Falls High School76 
T157 DARROW, TYLERMJVSouth St. Paul High School76 
T157 KNOTT, ELIJAHMJVSouth St. Paul High School76 
T157 MANNIN, JOHNMJVSouth St. Paul High School76 
T157 HOLM, MATTMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School76 
T157 ELLIOTT, NOAHMJVMayer Lutheran High School76 
T157 MARSHALL, NOLANMJVSouthwest Christian High School76 
T157 STEVENS, MICHAELMJVGrand Meadow High School76 
T166 O'DONNELL, BRANDONMJVNorth Branch High School75 
T166 HOFFBECK, HUNTERMJVPequot Lakes High School75 
T166 TRACY, WYATTMJVIrondale High School75 
T166 EISCHENS, KOLTONMJVPierz Healy High School75 
T166 GRUBER, SIMONMJVPierz Healy High School75 
T166 KUMMET, MATTMJVPierz Healy High School75 
T166 LOCHNER, ETHANMJVPierz Healy High School75 
T166 PREUHS, DEVINMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School75 
T166 BAUER, MICHAELMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School75 
T166 FISCHER, JACOBMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School75 
T166 LAMBERT, DJMJVWorthington High School75 
T166 BARIBAULT, BENMJVSouthwest Christian High School75 
T166 SWANSON, EDWARDMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School75 
T166 ECKSTROM, MORTMJVBlackduck High School75 
T180 DUCHAINE, KURTISMJVDassel-Cokato High School74 
T180 CARLSON, EDWARDMJVSouth St. Paul High School74 
T180 SULLIVAN, THOMASMJVBrainerd High School74 
T180 HENDERSON, BRENDANMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School74 
T180 STOLT, TANNERMJVGrand Meadow High School74 
T185 HAMRE, TYMJVCrookston High School73 
T185 GUERIN, CHRISTIANMJVNorth Branch High School73 
T185 WALLACE, MICHAELMJVPequot Lakes High School73 
T185 FRITZ, BRANDONMJVLittle Falls High School73 
T185 MARSHIK, DEREKMJVPierz Healy High School73 
T185 HOEPER, DARIANMJVUnderwood High School73 
T185 RYAN, JACKMJVHoly Family Catholic High School73 
T185 HAY, CALEBMJVSouthwest Christian High School73 
T185 KELLEN, VICTORMJVOrtonville High School73 
T194 SALVEVOLD, NICKMJVPequot Lakes High School72 
T194 TOMALA, BRANDONMJVPierz Healy High School72 
T194 HANSEN, RYANMJVUnderwood High School72 
T194 CRUIKSHANK, TRACEMJVBrainerd High School72 
T194 KRANTZ, NICKMJVBrainerd High School72 
T194 SVIHEL, TAYLORMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School72 
T194 VOSS, JAYDENMJVLeSueur-Henderson High School72 
T194 TREAT, WALTERMJVHoly Family Catholic High School72 
T194 COOK, CODYMJVSouthwest Christian High School72 
T194 LOOP, MICHAELMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School72 
T204 TIEDEMANN, COLEMJVCrookston High School71 
T204 GALLER, JACKMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School71 
T204 RUTTEN, LANEMJVLittle Falls High School71 
T204 CROWN, AUSTINMJVMayer Lutheran High School71 
T204 BERG, BRODYMJVMedford High School71 
T204 PARKER, NICKMJVProctor High School71 
T204 RILEY, VINCEMJVWorthington High School71 
T204 STENZEL, ADAMMJVUnited South Central High School71 
T204 DREYER, BRENDANMJVMound Westonka High School71 
T214 HUGHES, MATTHEWMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels70 
T214 MOENGEN, ISAIAHMJVPequot Lakes High School70 
T214 WIEGMAN, NICKOLASMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School70 
T214 LISOWSKI, JARRETTMJVMedford High School70 
T214 LISKO, TOMMYMJVHoly Family Catholic High School70 
T214 KELLY, DREWMJVTriton High School70 
T214 PATCH, DIXONMJVBlackduck High School70 
T221 MAGEE, TANNERMJVLittle Falls High School69 
T221 LARSON, AUSTINMJVBuffalo High School69 
T221 HEINLEIN, JACKMJVMayer Lutheran High School69 
T221 BERNU, BRADMJVIsle-Onamia High School69 
T226 BRULEY, CADENMJVCrookston High School68 
T226 HAUGEN, NICHOLASMJVCrookston High School68 
T226 LOVE, BRADYMJVCrookston High School68 
T226 JOHNSON, KIRKMJVPequot Lakes High School68 
T226 PETERSON, CHADMJVUnderwood High School68 
T226 MCFARLIN, TANNERMJVBrainerd High School68 
T226 SJODIN, CODYMJVBrainerd High School68 
T226 HARPEL, JACOBMJVMayer Lutheran High School68 
T226 BEULKE, JONAH MJVHoly Family Catholic High School68 
T226 MARSHALL, CARLMJVHoly Family Catholic High School68 
T226 MANN, TJMJVProctor High School68 
T226 MERCIER, AUSTINMJVProctor High School68 
T226 THOMPSON, MATTHEWMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School68 
T226 RUDIN, GARRETTMJVMaple Grove Senior High68 
T240 GORZYCKI, MIKEMJVIrondale High School67 
T240 GRASSE, GABEMJVIrondale High School67 
T240 HATTEN, JOEYMJVIrondale High School67 
T240 SCHIBONSKI, KYLEMJVBuffalo High School67 
T240 FISCHER, KEVINMJVClinton-Graceville-Beardsly High School67 
T240 WARD, TYLERMJVSouthwest Christian High School67 
T240 KRAMER, CADENMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School67 
T240 CEDAR, RYANMJVMaple Grove Senior High67 
T248 FROST, MAXMJVBuffalo High School66 
T248 LENZ, ZACHMJVBuffalo High School66 
T250 MILLS, THOMASMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels65 
T250 BLAD, COLLINMJVBecker High School65 
T250 ERICKSON, DYLANMJVDassel-Cokato High School65 
T250 LABROSSE, NICOLASMJVSouth St. Paul High School65 
T250 EBELING, AARONMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School65 
T250 MORROW, TODDMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School65 
T250 STICKROD, LOGANMJVGrand Meadow High School65 
T250 JUELSON, NOLANMJVBlackduck High School65 
T258 BORASH, MASONMJVDetroit Lakes High School64 
T258 KACZMAREK, DUSTINMJVDassel-Cokato High School64 
T258 THOMPSON, ANDREWMJVMayer Lutheran High School64 
T261 SCHWARTZ, JONMJVBecker High School63 
T261 OSTLUND, BENMJVIrondale High School63 
T261 NESBITT, RYANMJVGrand Meadow High School63 
T261 MORIS, ANDREWMJVBlackduck High School63 
T261 SCOTT, AUSTINMJVMaple Grove Senior High63 
T266 CITROWSKE, JACK MJVCanby High School62 
T266 BLAD, BENMJVBecker High School62 
T266 KOSOBUD, GRANTMJVBrainerd High School62 
T266 FISHER, JACKSONMJVMayer Lutheran High School62 
T266 LAING, GARRETT MJVMaple Grove Senior High62 
T266 MCKAY, SAMMJVMaple Grove Senior High62 
T272 MORRIS, BRADMJVWaterville-Elysian-Morristown High School61 
T272 WEBER, BLAKEMJVDetroit Lakes High School61 
T272 OBOWA, COYMJVPierz Healy High School61 
T272 HARRIS, AUSTINMJVMartin County West-Trimont High School61 
T272 BROWN, HUNTERMJVSouthwest Christian High School61 
T272 KIRCHNER, BRANDONMJVSauk Rapids-Rice High School61 
T278 DRILL, CHRISTIANMJVIrondale High School59 
T278 CHARPENTIER, BENMJVHoly Family Catholic High School59 
T280 ANDREWS, BROCKMJVPequot Lakes High School58 
T280 STRANDLIE, BENMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School58 
T282 CYMBALUK, THOMASMJVCrookston High School57 
T282 BINA, JACKMJVIrondale High School57 
T282 JACOBSEN, KOHLMJVUnited South Central High School57 
285 JOHNSON, WYATTMJVNorth Branch High School56 
T286 HALL, LEVIMJVNorth Branch High School55 
T286 HINK, ALECMJVNorth Branch High School55 
T286 BIESSENER, MATTMJVWalker/Hackensack/Akeley High School55 
T286 TOGSTAD, WILLIAMMJVMound Westonka High School55 
T290 NELSON, NATHANMJVProctor High School54 
T290 SCHROEDER, TYLERMJVUnited South Central High School54 
292 WISNESKI, RYANMJVPierz Healy High School51 
293 GRAVES, CAMDENMJVProctor High School50 
294 BOSEK, HUNTERMJVUnderwood High School49 
295 CHARLES, MASONMJVChisago Lakes High School47 
296 VENERO, ORIONMJVMayer Lutheran High School46 
T297 HALLER, TJMJVProctor High School45 
T297 KOLAR, PETERMJVMaple Grove Senior High45 
299 SULIIN, CONNORMJVProctor High School40 
300 SKRAMSTAD, NOAHMJVRichfield High School - Academy of Holy Angels37 
301 CARLSON, ETHANMJVProctor High School35 
302 RASMUSSEN, THOMASMJVMaple Grove Senior High30 
303 LATZKE, AUSTINMJVMayer Lutheran High School22 

* Indicates longest run of hits in reverse order. Used as a tie-breaker if necessary. Not all reverse runs are recorded.
 Indicates teams/individuals receiving awards in this category.

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