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Top 25 of 2019 Spring Trap by Conference as of Week 4

Athletes are required to participate in all competition weeks to qualify.

Rank Athlete Team Season Average
1Woodrow GlazerNew Prague High School24.50
2Anthony KlassenBenson High School24.25
3Devon LilesBenson High School23.88
3Will OstensonSpring Lake Park High School23.88
5Aaron JacobsenNew Prague High School23.63
6Sam SoderbergEast Ridge High School23.25
7Zach SoderbergEast Ridge High School23.13
8Zach MaeyaertChaska-Chanhassen High School23.00
8Andrew LouwagieChaska-Chanhassen High School23.00
8Tony TysonNew Prague High School23.00
8Hunter StearnsSibley East High School23.00
12Turner LaxenChaska-Chanhassen High School22.88
12Zach WisecupEast Ridge High School22.88
12Gavin DrillNew Prague High School22.88
12Matthew SonnenbergPerham High School22.88
16Mason VogelChaska-Chanhassen High School22.63
17Jacob NessBenson High School22.50
17Reece LarsonBenson High School22.50
17Trent KirchoffChaska-Chanhassen High School22.50
17Hayden HoleChaska-Chanhassen High School22.50
21Jacob AgrimsonChaska-Chanhassen High School22.38
21Henley PetersenSpring Lake Park High School22.38
23Brady AschemanBenson High School22.25
23Isaac BibusEast Ridge High School22.25
23Alex LarsonNew Prague High School22.25
Rank Athlete Team Season Average
1Aliya SchrulEast Ridge High School20.25
2Savannah OachsSibley East High School19.63
3Madeline JensenSibley East High School19.50
4Korri BrockoffSibley East High School19.00
5Amy ZniewskiBenson High School18.75
6Riley WormChaska-Chanhassen High School18.50
7Hailey HarnischNew Prague High School18.38
7Viktoria KranzSibley East High School18.38
9Shannon SheaNew Prague High School18.13
9Stella RaserPerham High School18.13
11Anna SachseEast Ridge High School17.88
12Rebecca RedmanSibley East High School17.63
13Summer SteinhoffChaska-Chanhassen High School17.13
13Mariah KranzSibley East High School17.13
15Emily NalipinskiEast Ridge High School17.00
15Amber SchmidtSibley East High School17.00
17Megan KabusSpring Lake Park High School16.88
18Emma RyanChaska-Chanhassen High School16.50
19Sarah RobleChaska-Chanhassen High School16.25
19Rylee RoseSpring Lake Park High School16.25
21Jennie WohlChaska-Chanhassen High School15.88
22Melanie VanHeckeEast Ridge High School15.75
23Zoe DoscherBenson High School15.63
23Lydia KranzSibley East High School15.63
23Cally-Ann JacobsonSpring Lake Park High School15.63

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